8 Months Later – My Second Blog Post

Wow – I was shocked to look at the date of my last blog post and see it was almost 8 months ago.

Blogging has been my lowest priority and with no intention to write a regular blog, 8 months has flown by.  It’s also fun to write this post, not being stressed about when the next post will be.

I love to write, yet I’ve paused writing for myself because there has been no big goal, no clear intention.  Yet I knew I wanted to create my blog site and post when I felt compelled to post.  Today when inspiration ignited me, I was happy I could log right in and get typing.

So instead of blogging what have I been doing?  Staying busy volunteering to help expand awareness about the incredible benefits of the.InnerEngineering.com program designed by www.Sadhguru.org

While also spreading the word about the most incredible yoga meditation space in the western hemisphere,  just outside of Nashville Tennessee, www.IshaUSA.org (Institute of Inner Sciences).  I’ve been to (iii – triple i as we call it) four times now and wow it’s a tranquil and transformational place to spend (experience) time.  I hope someday you take the opportunity to soak in the divine energy there.  A 4 day Inner Engineering Retreat is offered a few times a year – totally worth the investment of time and money.  Your family, your finances and your inner world will overflow with gratitude forever.

Sadhguru is my guru now…

When you go through one of Sadhguru’s programs, you will understand why I bow my head when I see him or his picture.   You will understand why I search youtube tirelessly for Sadhguru’s insights on any issue or intention I have in life.  His wisdom is consistent and consistently brings joy, well being and prosperity to my situations.

Sadhguru is my guru now… I bow my head in total respect to this incredible human who works tirelessly to improve well being for all humanity and planet earth.  Sadhguru does much more than teach yoga and meditation around the world.  He inspires more than 10 million volunteers to assist his non-profit Isha Foundation in many ecological and social improvement projects.

What inspired me to write today is to share that Sadhguru is offering his content to be freely used.  I feel like I’m living in a dream as a social media fanatic…

Defintion:  I describe myself as a social media fanatic because I know it to be an incredible tool for creating world transformation and individual transformation.  I help as many people as I can understand the value of using social media to connect with people around the world.

My guru has just created the opportunity for me to write about his content in relation to whatever I want and monetize it.   I am confident I can happily spend many decades writing about Sadhguru…  ask anyone who knows me – they will confirm!

What most teachers would consider “theirs” and never allow anyone to “copy” or “reproduce” – Sadhguru has said he wants this information to reach as many people as possible around the world.  His dream is that all 7 billion plus people on the planet be empowered with these tools for self transformation and blissful living.

So 8 months later…  I have a dream manifesting… a vision coming to life… blogging about things that inspire me… creating income while empowering others… walking the yogic path…

To live life as a #YogiNextDoor is one filled with adventure for sure.

Will I have time to blog and share… I sure intend to.

What exactly will I share???   I am excited to get clear on that myself… right now it feels as if 10 different blogs is a better fit to represent each of my personalities and perspectives…  you and I will both find out together.

Let us both be devoted to our daily sadhana… daily devotion is a divine momentum!

May we live in a world where all humans are given the time, silence and space to turn inward.  To sit and do nothing.  There is much healing when we sit and do nothing…. only robots and AI make it possible for this generation to sit and do nothing (some of the time!) yoga and meditation don’t have to take the whole day and I would love to see “time, silence and space” for yoga and meditation to be a human right…



my focus these days

One of them right now (#RallyForRivers.org – see below) has a very short window to help make a global difference.  So I will keep this post brief and share I am JOYFULLY investing as much time as possible into:

  1. Living Inner Engineering.  Inner Engineering is a non profit program, offered by www.IshaFoundation.org, an international non profit aimed to bring well-being to everyone through yoga and meditation.
  2. Being a loving mom, modeling the example of Inner Engineering.  Wow the world of parenting has shifted for me again.
  3. Promoting Inner Engineering to anyone and everyone who is open to receive the long list of historical and medical stats that show Inner Engineering is a world wide program for total (and lasting!) transformation.
  4. Raising global awareness for #RallyForRivers – Isha Foundation campaign to save India’s rivers which are running dry.  People from India understand the call to action “Give a missed call to 80009 80009”.  In India this is how people put a vote into their government to create awareness and action.

Isha Foundation is amazing for its work with individuals WHILE ALSO contributing to planet earth through tree and water restoration. #wow.

www.RallyForRivers.org – an awareness campaign to India’s dying rivers.  Many global rivers face the same issue.  www.Sadhguru.org has a a proposal that has never been attempted by any country before.  If you drink water and care about future generations who will drink water, take time to get to know this campaign.  Don’t dismiss it because the message sounds strange and the people in the picture might too.

Drinking water running dry is happening everywhere.  India is offering to test a potential world wide solution.  Search #RallyForRivers in your favorite social media too.  Contribute to the awareness campaign.  Find me and say hello!

Another project sponsored by Isha Foundation and Sadhguru in 2004 that has now inspired more than 30 million trees to be planted.  www.ProjectGreenHands.org

With over 15 years of digital marketing and a passion for improving systems… my heart is full to the brim to bring it to these humanity shifting projects.