Ship 30 for 30 Coupon & Review (2022)

I’ve recently joined a digital writing community, Ship 30 for 30. Where the focus starts with helping people. Using data to confirm as you write you are impacting people. Then monetization is the focus.

I’ve been through a lot of online writing programs that immediately jump into how to grow the audience and turn it into money, but most people didn’t, including me.

Through a TwitterSpace event I heard from another woman entrepreneur about how Ship 30 for 30 (writing and publishing every day online for 30 days) transformed her life and brought almost instant results. The same is now happening for me.

This is the best valued course I’ve ever enrolled in – use my link for $100 off 👉 Jess Allen – Ship 30 for 30 – $100 Coupon

If you use my link to register, to let me know through  social media DM or my contact page.  I’m exploring the idea of hosting a mastermind group to help new Ship 30 for 30 crew members get up to speed.

Ship 30 for 30 only opens a few times a year. Experienced and novice writers join because it’s about how to succeed with digital writing.

The best part for me, is besides the extreme experience (and success) the team has.  The foundation is about help people first 🙏💚🙏 using data to confirm and direct, then plan for monetization.   Although it seems this “people first formula” produces monetization opportunities within weeks.

CELEBRATION:  I just completed Ship 30 for 30 – I wrote and published CONSCIOUSLY for 30 days.  First time in my life.

The (my / our) Ship 30 for 30 community and program is a great addition to any online venture.

PS. Their YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn is full of great content. Use it to prepare for the upcoming August 2022 cohort.

Use my link for $100 off 👉 Jess Allen – Ship 30 for 30 – $100 Coupon

PSS.  This post isn’t perfect.  The old me, would have waited until everything was perfect.  Now, on the day of the idea, the first draft is out to you.  thank you for being with me on this new journey of being a consciously publishing digital writer.

PSSS.  #SaveSoil – let’s make it happen (faster)