5 Reasons Busy Moms Who Care About Climate Change, Need to Share the Soil Health Solution (it takes minutes a day to spread hope)

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On December 5, 2021 I learned about earth’s soil extinction crisis.

While also learning “the good news”, experts agree on a solution: healthy soil, defined as a minimum of 3% to 6% organic content in soil.

As a mom you want your kids to inherit a healthy, sustainable planet. Heat has been rising, wild weather is wreaking havoc, food shortages are happening. It’s clear our planet is in trouble. I had been feeling helpless and concerned.

Here are 5 reasons that motivate me to share about healthy soil:

  1. It increases micronutrients in food, improving mental health and immunity.
  2. It’s an effective solution for climate change by sequestering more carbon than all plants and atmosphere.
  3. Food production stays steady, preventing famine and wars, where children and women suffer most through starvation and exploitation.
  4. Farmer suicide is at an alarming rate. The Conscious Planet solution being reviewed by 195 nations, increases farmer income. You must help secure the next generation of people who grow your children’s food.
  5. Global consciousness increases because in order to care about soil, you must recognize soil connects you to every other life on the planet.

As a busy mom, odds are you talk to a lot of people! I’ve found sharing this message uplifts my day and others.

For free resources on how to share the soil health solution, go to www.SaveSoil.org/EarthBuddy. Let me know if you do—I’d love to connect with you (and answer any questions you have getting started!).

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