Are you a busy parent concerned about climate change? (you can help solve it with just 10 minutes a day).

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You can invest 10 minutes a day to help solve climate change.

As a busy parent, time is precious and investing it now, pays huge dividends in the lives of your children, grandchildren and future generations.

Unfortunately the American media seems unaware that saving soil is a foundational piece.

Scientists aren’t the best at inspiring us

  • Science data can be boring and scary.
  • there are lots of environmental emergencies
  • until now, the science community had not prioritized them

The save soil movement is to activate 3.5 billion people to demand from governments, a global standard for healthy soil of 3% to 6% organic content.

Here’s how, you can help:

Step 1: Share the Inspiring News

People who care about climate love to hear about the save soil movement.

I shared save soil with a telemarketer whose wife, mother and kids are all involved in conservation and he was so was so grateful for the good news.

Step 2: Think about the most influential people you know

Influential people want to be involved, someone has to inspire them.

I wanted Joe Rogan to interview Sadhguru. A PR friend showed me how to contact Joe’s media guy and a couple months later Sadhguru was on talking spirituality, ghosts and save soil.

Step 3: Invest 10 minutes a day!

For influencers and governments to act, they need to hear your voice.

With just 10 minutes a day, you can help us become the generation that transforms our climate crisis into a story of global rejuvenation.

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