Parents: there is finally a solution to climate change, why are the biggest influencers in America ignoring the good news answer?

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Science says the world has 60 years of agriculture soil left. Which means, if our generation keeps ignoring the issue, your kids and grandkids, will be facing global famine and resource wars.

The solution to climate change is earth’s farming soil containing 3% to 6% organic content. This sequesters more carbon than any existing climate change plan. It improves water retention, nutrition, mental health, farmer incomes, farmer suicide rates and more.

Individual Solutions Are Not the Answer

Your compost pile is nice, but not enough to stop mass soil extinction being caused by global agriculture practices.

Farmers can plow irresponsibly for years until soil loses all organic content and turns to dust. Robbing the world of future food production. Requiring 100 years or more to bring soil back to life vs. 10 years of effort now to save it.

Politicians Need to Hear Your Voice

Your voice needs hold government officials accountable to 3% to 6% organic content in the soil.

Not just this year, demand policy that continues across multiple election cycles. 87% of life depends on soil, it is not a bipartisan issue. The price of dying soil is not something you want your kids to pay.

What American Influencers Do You Know?

Informing people that saving soil prevents climate change is one of the best good news calls you can make. Who do you know that can make a huge difference in how fast we create soil transformation?

I know as a parent you are busy, even just 10 minutes a day makes a BIG impact.

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