Saving soil is the most important topic of our time

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It’s a common misconception that dying soil is just another climate issue. 

Media says nothing about dying soil. Scientists have been warning us for decades. Climate change activists are split into factions. Government officials change so quickly, there is no consistent focus on saving soil.

This has resulted in:

  • losing an acre of soil every second
  • 60-70% of soils in Europe are in an unhealthy condition
  • 70% of the earth’s topsoil, the layer allowing plants to grow, is gone

What Can We Make – That Doesn’t Start with Soil?

Almost nothing. Global stability, machines and healthy humans are required to fix big climate problems. Healthy soil sustains all of these.

Articles on climate change never read the same again

Once you realize healthy soil is the basis of almost everything, articles on climate read in a whole new way.

Saving soil is a very uplifting focus because you can see how it solves many other issues at the same time.

We are the first generation with technology to prevent mass crisis.

Dying soil, is not just “another climate issue. It is THE issue.

The aim of the save soil movement is to get 192 nations to agree on a goal of 3% to 6% organic content in the soil. It is great to be in 2032, writing essays about “how we saved soil”. We have the capability to do it. We need willingness and focus. #savesoil – let’s make it happen.

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