If you care about soil health but don’t think helping for 10 minutes a day is impactful (✌️YOU ARE SO WRONG ✌️)

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In a social media, blockchain connected world, 10 minutes a day can create massive awareness.

I find inspiration in Sadhguru’s reminder that Jesus impacted the world with only 12 people. Buddha brought peace to many with 100 people. Neither had a microphone or smart phone so results have been slower. With your smartphone and a focused message, you can help speed up how quickly we fix our soil health and environment

Unfortunately, so many people who care about planet health, think 10 minutes a day doesn’t matter.

Social Media Makes Rapid World Change Possible

Save soil facts are so horrible people shy away from getting involved:

  • 40 to 50 years of agriculture soil left on the planet
  • by 2045, 40% less food with a population of 9+ billion people
  • food shortages will cause mass suffering and starvation

GOOD NEWS: science says with focused effort, we can prevent the soil crisis (and fix climate change).

Here is how you can help:

Register to be an Earth Buddy

Register to be an Earth Buddy and learn a variety of ways to help.

www.SaveSoil.org/EarthBuddy – register to receive email and text updates.

Attend an Earth Buddy Live Webinar

Join one of the weekly live Earth Buddy webinars.

Get actionable tips, inspiration and a Q&A segment. Live events are great when you’re a new Earth Buddy!

Share the Movement in Person

Local outreach is important too!

You can make big impact by sharing the movement in just 10 minutes a day. People who care about our planet are so happy to hear from you. Let me know if you have questions. 💚💚💚

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