Regenerative Farmers: save soil proposal is to increase your income while helping increase soil health (voice your support)

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The save soil movement proposes increasing farmer income for cultivating healthy soil.

On May 10, 2022, Sadhguru, one of India’s most influential people and Guinness world record holder for tree planting, is proposing to 194 nations to pay farmers a lot more for increasing organic content in the soil.

A few key reasons to voice your support:

Micronutrients in food are directly tied to organic content in soil

Nutrient deficiencies are cause for mental health problems, weak immunity and other health problems. 

To get the same micronutrients in one orange from 1920, you have to eat eight oranges now.  Organic labeled food has the same issue with weak nutrients. Lack of nutrients in food cost governments billions in health care.

Sadhguru’s message to United Nations is “farmers should be paid like engineers”

Sadhguru is adamant farmers are key to humanity’s peaceful healthy survival and must be paid accordingly.

Healthy soil is earth’s most precious resource. It is best for carbon sequestering, water retention, food production, nutrition quality and preventing war.  Out of the last 30 wars in Africa, 27 were fought for fertile soil. has an easy email generator

Easily send emails or letters to key political leaders of your country to voice your support for taking care of farmers and soil.

Visit click on Action Now, then Send Letters. Content is autogenerated, it took me 3 minutes to send a message President Biden.

Regenerative Farming is a Hard Work Art Form

Farmer suicide is skyrocketing as income is sharply declining.  We must help. Please share and voice your support.

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