Do you support redefining organic food labeling, if it solves the climate crisis (and improves economics)?

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Organic food labeling does not ensure soil health for future generations.

For the first time in history there is a science, economic and spiritually agreed upon solution that improves climate change, nutrition, water retention, loss of biodiversity, rising land heat, famine, forced migration, resource wars, health care cosets, GDP growth, carbon sequestering, farmer suicides (and more).

The proposal is a minimum of 3% organic content in all agricultural soil.

Here are 3 impactful reasons to support this proposal:

It’s the Micronutrients that Matter

Instead of measuring chemicals in food, measure micronutrients in food.

Nutrients in food impact mental and physical health. Costing our governments billions of dollars in healthcare. Labeling food with “grown in 3% organic content” automatically means an increase in nutrition through regenerative practices.

Water Retention Increases

On October 2020, water became a commodity and is now traded like gold or silver due to it’s increasing scarcity

Massive floods happen because there is little in the soil to store the water. Floods destroy lives, erode away healthy soil and less water is available when crops need it later.

Consciousness Expands 

Soil connects all of us. We are all soil body.

When you become in touch with how we are all deeply connected through soil, it provides a pathway to deeper levels of consciousness.

Voice Your Support: Go to

Future generations are going to experience a lot of suffering if we don’t act now.  Who in the media do you know that can share this message with? DMs are open.

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