5 Reasons Every Mom Needs to Learn About the Save Soil Movement (it brings hope and a plan to solve climate change).

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As a mom you know our planet is in trouble, and most likely have worried about how life will be when you kids and grandkids are your age.

Give yourself peace and inspiration this mother’s day, learn about the save soil movement aimed to ensure the future of our planet is a beautiful one. It’s calling for a new global standard to define healthy soil as having a minimum of 3% organic content

Here are 5 reasons you must know:

  • Reason #1: Hope. Scientists and environmentalists agree focusing on organic content in soil solves a multitude of other issues. You and your kids need hope they will inherit a planet that is stable and healthy.
  • Reason #2: Healthy soil reduces carbon in the air better than any other climate change or greenhouse gas emissions solution.
  • Reason #3: Increases in soil’s organic content has a direct and significant impact on micronutrients in food.  The more micronutrients, the stronger the mental healthy and immune system for you (and everyone you love)
  • Reason #4: World wide food production falls when soil dies.  By focusing now on healthy soil, your kids and grandkids won’t be affected by or have to witness famine and mass starvation. Dying of hunger is the most painful way to go.  The save soil movement can prevent this.
  • Reason #5: Governments already have billions of dollars designated for climate change.  What it takes us a large majority voters, to ensure budgets focus on the right things.  Paying farmers to keep soil healthy. 

Once you research the save soil movement, I’d love to connect and hear what you think.

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