The dying soil crisis is the most urgent global issue of our time 

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The dying soil crisis is the most urgent global issue of our time 🔥

If you care about: • creating jobs • preventing famine • fixing climate change Here’s how you can invest 3 minutes to send an extremely impactful email to your political leader today 🧵👇

194 nations are deciding on a proposal to establish a global standard for healthy soil. #SaveSoilatCOP15 Science and farmers agree, a minimum of 3% organic content in soil makes a huge impact on: • food production • carbon sequestering • micronutrients in food

if you could improve climate change in 3 minutes – would you?  It took me less than 3 minutes to: • message my President • voice my support for a global soil health standard

“If we act now, in the next 15 to 25 years, we can turn this around. If we act after 50 years, it will take 200 to 500 years to turn this around” @SadhguruJV #COP15 #savesoil

The steps are simple: • go to • select country and leader • copy message, paste, send • click I HAVE SENT MY LETTERS • Smile, knowing your care for soil is now counted

The TL;DR Earth’s dying soil crisis needs 3 minutes from you • billions of dollars already exist for climate • it’s urgent we demand our governments focus • farmers must be incentivized to keep soil healthy • send a letter to your political leader 👉

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