5 Reasons Every Mom Needs to Learn About the Save Soil Movement (it brings hope and a plan to solve climate change).

As a mom you know our planet is in trouble, and most likely have worried about how life will be when you kids and grandkids are your age.

Give yourself peace and inspiration this mother’s day, learn about the save soil movement aimed to ensure the future of our planet is a beautiful one. It’s calling for a new global standard to define healthy soil as having a minimum of 3% organic content

Here are 5 reasons you must know:

  • Reason #1: Hope. Scientists and environmentalists agree focusing on organic content in soil solves a multitude of other issues. You and your kids need hope they will inherit a planet that is stable and healthy.
  • Reason #2: Healthy soil reduces carbon in the air better than any other climate change or greenhouse gas emissions solution.
  • Reason #3: Increases in soil’s organic content has a direct and significant impact on micronutrients in food.  The more micronutrients, the stronger the mental healthy and immune system for you (and everyone you love)
  • Reason #4: World wide food production falls when soil dies.  By focusing now on healthy soil, your kids and grandkids won’t be affected by or have to witness famine and mass starvation. Dying of hunger is the most painful way to go.  The save soil movement can prevent this.
  • Reason #5: Governments already have billions of dollars designated for climate change.  What it takes us a large majority voters, to ensure budgets focus on the right things.  Paying farmers to keep soil healthy. 

Once you research the save soil movement, I’d love to connect and hear what you think.

Do you support redefining organic food labeling, if it solves the climate crisis (and improves economics)?

Organic food labeling does not ensure soil health for future generations.

For the first time in history there is a science, economic and spiritually agreed upon solution that improves climate change, nutrition, water retention, loss of biodiversity, rising land heat, famine, forced migration, resource wars, health care cosets, GDP growth, carbon sequestering, farmer suicides (and more).

The proposal is a minimum of 3% organic content in all agricultural soil.

Here are 3 impactful reasons to support this proposal:

It’s the Micronutrients that Matter

Instead of measuring chemicals in food, measure micronutrients in food.

Nutrients in food impact mental and physical health. Costing our governments billions of dollars in healthcare. Labeling food with “grown in 3% organic content” automatically means an increase in nutrition through regenerative practices.

Water Retention Increases

On October 2020, water became a commodity and is now traded like gold or silver due to it’s increasing scarcity

Massive floods happen because there is little in the soil to store the water. Floods destroy lives, erode away healthy soil and less water is available when crops need it later.

Consciousness Expands 

Soil connects all of us. We are all soil body.

When you become in touch with how we are all deeply connected through soil, it provides a pathway to deeper levels of consciousness.

Voice Your Support: Go to www.SaveSoil.org/write

Future generations are going to experience a lot of suffering if we don’t act now.  Who in the media do you know that can share this message with? DMs are open.

Regenerative Farmers: save soil proposal is to increase your income while helping increase soil health (voice your support)

The save soil movement proposes increasing farmer income for cultivating healthy soil.

On May 10, 2022, Sadhguru, one of India’s most influential people and Guinness world record holder for tree planting, is proposing to 194 nations to pay farmers a lot more for increasing organic content in the soil.

A few key reasons to voice your support:

Micronutrients in food are directly tied to organic content in soil

Nutrient deficiencies are cause for mental health problems, weak immunity and other health problems. 

To get the same micronutrients in one orange from 1920, you have to eat eight oranges now.  Organic labeled food has the same issue with weak nutrients. Lack of nutrients in food cost governments billions in health care.

Sadhguru’s message to United Nations is “farmers should be paid like engineers”

Sadhguru is adamant farmers are key to humanity’s peaceful healthy survival and must be paid accordingly.

Healthy soil is earth’s most precious resource. It is best for carbon sequestering, water retention, food production, nutrition quality and preventing war.  Out of the last 30 wars in Africa, 27 were fought for fertile soil. 

ConsciousPlanet.org has an easy email generator

Easily send emails or letters to key political leaders of your country to voice your support for taking care of farmers and soil.

Visit ConsciousPlanet.org click on Action Now, then Send Letters. Content is autogenerated, it took me 3 minutes to send a message President Biden.

Regenerative Farming is a Hard Work Art Form

Farmer suicide is skyrocketing as income is sharply declining.  We must help. Please share and voice your support.

Impact Entrepreneurs: dying soil is the biggest issue of our time (and a billion dollar opportunity)

In the last 40 years, 40% of the world’s topsoil has been lost.

On May 10, 2022, nations met in the Conference of Parties (COP15) to hear proposals. Governments listen to large groups of people and your voice and networks are needed to ensure COP15 adopts a policy to prevent the dying soil crisis.

Your impact is urgently needed:

Saving dying soil is worth billions of lives and dollars

You became an impact entrepreneur because you cared about helping humanity, planet and the economy.

Increasing carbon in soil can have economic gains of $96 to $480 billion dollars. (ELD Initiative 2015)

When we solve the dying soil crisis: it also fixes climate change, food insecurity, water retention, farmer suicide and sustainability, exploitation of women and children through forced migration, resource wars and more.

170 nations are meeting soon, voice your opinion

Conscious Planet and Sadhguru are presenting at COP15.

The proposal is for all nations to define healthy soil as “a minimum of 3% organic content”. This will unleash enormous budgets and a collective focus to make it happen.

ConsciousPlanet.org has an easy email generator

Easily send emails or letters to key political leaders of your country. Visit ConsciousPlanet.org click on Action Now, then Send Letters. Content is created, it took me 3 minutes to send a message President Biden.

“This is the first time in the history of humanity that we have the power to reach the entire world. If we do not make use of this opportunity, the calamities we leave behind will be catastrophic to every Life on the planet.” Sadhguru

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out. #SaveSoil – let’s make it happen. 

Mother Earth Needs You to Send an Email (it only takes 3 minutes to make an impact)

On May 10, 2022 at COP15, over 170 nations heard a proposal to establish a minimum of 3% organic content as living soil.

The Save Soil website has a simple “send letter” generator that took me 3 minutes to message my President. Join this historic event and express your care for soil.

Governments Take Action When We Do:

The save soil movement aims to activate 3.5 billion people in voicing our care for soil. Digital writing campaigns like this make it possible.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to SaveSoil.org – click ACTION NOW

The ACTION NOW page makes it fast and simple.

The content is already created, all you have to do is invest a few minutes of time to copy, paste, click.

Step 2: Scroll down a bit – click SEND LETTERS

Pick your country and you will see names of your top officials.

You may have the option to contact more than one person. If you are busy, send just one message. I contacted all 4 I was offered. Twitter handles were also included so I tweeted too. Do what you can.

Step 3: When done, smile and click I HAVE SENT MY LETTERS

Smile, knowing your care for soil is now counted.

It is our generational responsibility to leave healthy soil for the next life here on earth. Me and mother earth thank you for taking the time to send a message about the Conscious Planet COP15 proposal. Please share this post with your soil caring friends.

Does climate change matter to you? Soil extinction is worse (but easier to fix and solves the climate crisis at same time)

On March 21, 2022, Sadhguru, a 65 year old yogi, started a 100 day motorcycle journey across 27 countries.  

For decades Sadhguru has been implementing large scale environmental projects, now he’s riding to bring awareness to a single solution which sequesters more carbon than all plant life and atmosphere. Healthy soil.

Here’s what you need to know:

3% to 6% Organic Content in Soil is a Must:

Science is clear, soil is dying but there is not (yet) global consensus on how to fix it.

When earth’s agriculture soil contains a minimum of 3% to 6% organic content, nutrition improves, carbon emission decrease, resource wars lessen, exploitation of women and children during forced migration diminishes, water retention improves, the list of benefits is long.

Soil Extinction Trumps Climate Change: 

In the last 40 years, earth has lost 1/3 of farmable land.

Like triage, we must treat the worst wound. Healthy soil feeds us, holds water, sequesters carbon, creates jobs, keeps communities stable and more. If we don’t save soil, what kind of world are we leaving the unborn children?

No Money Donations Required – Soil Needs Your Voice:

Governments have billions earmarked for climate change.

This 100 day campaign to save soil is about activating 3.5 billion people to be the voice for healthy soil. Governments listen to loud voters, use your voice to demand 3% to 6% organic content as a minimum for healthy soil.

This Solution Inspires Hope

We are the first generation to have the technology to solve a big challenge quickly. Visit SaveSoil.org to learn more.

American Climate Activists – the Save Soil campaign ends in 60 days – where is your voice?

Join our global voice demanding to save soil. Governments listen to loud voices and America is the loudest nation on the planet, yet many American climate activists and media are silent. 😳

Save Soil is a message of hope ~ you will enjoy sharing this message with people! 🥰

Sadhguru and the Conscious Planet community are experts on soil, as I learn, I’m sharing with you. Here are some things to consider:

Soil turns into sand when it lacks organic content:

Dying soil creates a cascade of effects: food crisis, famine, resource wars, mass migration, farmer suicide, climate change.

The Conscious Planet proposal is to create a global soil health minimum of 3% to 6% organic content.

Soil Sequesters Carbon Best

“Carbon stored in soil is 3x that in living plants, and 2x that in the atmosphere, which means soil is crucial for carbon sequestration.” Conscious Planet Website

If soil health continues to decline, it can release more carbon into the air than all carbon emissions created by humanity over the last 30 years.

USA Farmer Suicides

Farmer suicide is happening at alarming rates.

Sadhguru said, “In United States in the last 12 years, 50% of the farmers have not made a single dollar. The highest suicide rate among all professions in United States is (from) the farming community.”

Visit SaveSoil.org

Grateful you are here! t’s time to educate yourself on the latest scientific research, amplify the message and encourage others to do the same. Let’s stop the crisis before it happens!

Are you a busy parent concerned about climate change? (you can help solve it with just 10 minutes a day).

You can invest 10 minutes a day to help solve climate change.

As a busy parent, time is precious and investing it now, pays huge dividends in the lives of your children, grandchildren and future generations.

Unfortunately the American media seems unaware that saving soil is a foundational piece.

Scientists aren’t the best at inspiring us

  • Science data can be boring and scary.
  • there are lots of environmental emergencies
  • until now, the science community had not prioritized them

The save soil movement is to activate 3.5 billion people to demand from governments, a global standard for healthy soil of 3% to 6% organic content.

Here’s how, you can help:

Step 1: Share the Inspiring News

People who care about climate love to hear about the save soil movement.

I shared save soil with a telemarketer whose wife, mother and kids are all involved in conservation and he was so was so grateful for the good news.

Step 2: Think about the most influential people you know

Influential people want to be involved, someone has to inspire them.

I wanted Joe Rogan to interview Sadhguru. A PR friend showed me how to contact Joe’s media guy and a couple months later Sadhguru was on talking spirituality, ghosts and save soil.

Step 3: Invest 10 minutes a day!

For influencers and governments to act, they need to hear your voice.

With just 10 minutes a day, you can help us become the generation that transforms our climate crisis into a story of global rejuvenation.

Parents: there is finally a solution to climate change, why are the biggest influencers in America ignoring the good news answer?


Science says the world has 60 years of agriculture soil left. Which means, if our generation keeps ignoring the issue, your kids and grandkids, will be facing global famine and resource wars.

The solution to climate change is earth’s farming soil containing 3% to 6% organic content. This sequesters more carbon than any existing climate change plan. It improves water retention, nutrition, mental health, farmer incomes, farmer suicide rates and more.

Individual Solutions Are Not the Answer

Your compost pile is nice, but not enough to stop mass soil extinction being caused by global agriculture practices.

Farmers can plow irresponsibly for years until soil loses all organic content and turns to dust. Robbing the world of future food production. Requiring 100 years or more to bring soil back to life vs. 10 years of effort now to save it.

Politicians Need to Hear Your Voice

Your voice needs hold government officials accountable to 3% to 6% organic content in the soil.

Not just this year, demand policy that continues across multiple election cycles. 87% of life depends on soil, it is not a bipartisan issue. The price of dying soil is not something you want your kids to pay.

What American Influencers Do You Know?

Informing people that saving soil prevents climate change is one of the best good news calls you can make. Who do you know that can make a huge difference in how fast we create soil transformation?

I know as a parent you are busy, even just 10 minutes a day makes a BIG impact.

Saving soil is the most important topic of our time


It’s a common misconception that dying soil is just another climate issue. 

Media says nothing about dying soil. Scientists have been warning us for decades. Climate change activists are split into factions. Government officials change so quickly, there is no consistent focus on saving soil.

This has resulted in:

  • losing an acre of soil every second
  • 60-70% of soils in Europe are in an unhealthy condition
  • 70% of the earth’s topsoil, the layer allowing plants to grow, is gone

What Can We Make – That Doesn’t Start with Soil?

Almost nothing. Global stability, machines and healthy humans are required to fix big climate problems. Healthy soil sustains all of these.

Articles on climate change never read the same again

Once you realize healthy soil is the basis of almost everything, articles on climate read in a whole new way.

Saving soil is a very uplifting focus because you can see how it solves many other issues at the same time.

We are the first generation with technology to prevent mass crisis.

Dying soil, is not just “another climate issue. It is THE issue.

The aim of the save soil movement is to get 192 nations to agree on a goal of 3% to 6% organic content in the soil. It is great to be in 2032, writing essays about “how we saved soil”. We have the capability to do it. We need willingness and focus. #savesoil – let’s make it happen.